What We Do

Our mission at CMP Custom Molding Inc. is to meet the customers' requirements for plastic injection molded products. We accomplish this by providing quality parts, on time, and made precisely to your specifications. At rates within your budget.

Our Business History

CMP opened it's doors in 1997. We have over forty years of experience in the plastic injection molding business. Starting out as production workers and working our way up through management, has given us the advantage of knowing all aspects of the plastic molding business.


CMP has always paid special attention to inventors. We understand the difficulty of getting a new product to market. We'll even help design the mold; at no cost to you. Though many companies charge for this, we consider it good customer service.. Plus, we work closely with toolers that can help get you started.

No minumin production runs!

Mold prices starting at $2500 including design help! Every project starts with a design, whether itís sketched on a napkin or blueprints direct from an engineer.

Good design is key to making the manufacturing process flow efficiently from start to finish. One simple mistake can result in a bad design. That mistake can cost you thousands of dollars over the life cycle of your mold. We'll work with you in all phases of the design process. We work closely with your engineer to ensure you're getting the best value for you dollar. If you're in need of an engineer, we have several we can recommend. CMP will produce a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

What Makes Us Unique

We cater to large runs, but also specialize in short runs.
On some runs we can even waive the setup fee!